Origin of The Dragon’s Bones Idea

The initial idea for The Dragon’s Bones books came from bedtime stories I told my young children years ago. As you drive out of Salt Lake City up Parleys Canyon, Grandeur Peak rises on your right.

Climbing up from the foothills to the peak is a craggy rock formation. It looked to me and my kids like the petrification of a massive, fallen dragon. We called them The Dragon’s Bones. As aspen leaves turned red and yellow gold in the fall, those nearest the snout of the Bones sometimes appeared to be flaring flames.

The stories evolved into a writing project filled with fits and starts. One summer, I wrote hundreds of pages and then let the manuscript lie fallow for years, and ultimately decades. Life happened, writing didn’t.

When I was about to be sixty, I got motivated again and finished a preliminary draft. My sneaky adult kids went to work purloining the Word document, designing a cover, and getting a single copy of the book printed for my birthday. By the way, that birthday featured a medieval banquet and the slaying of a piñata dragon with my double-edged Arthurian sword.

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After many dormant years, I finally got back to work. Rewriting, proofreading, editing, cover design, website building, and launch planning have filled my COVID-19 months. Did you know that there is an artificial intelligence-based editing service available for aspiring authors?

Now, to have published two books of what I hope will be a significant saga is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. I hope you’ll join me on the adventure by following this blog and reading my books. And, don’t forget to submit a customer review on Amazon!