Creating Characters

An interesting challenge in writing a book is to develop a character. This involves a name, a voice, a physical description, a relationship with other characters, and a contribution to the story.

For me, it started with an image.

I named the father of my young heroes, Falcon, envisioning both a powerful adversary, a loving husband, and a dedicated sire of children who would continue his family’s courageous legacy.

​Here’s how I introduced him in Wielding the Words,

​”A warrior who came to the village wounded and weary, he found his Marta and quit his wandering. The name Falcon fitted his dark, strong face. Close-grown eyes bore a clear, piercing sense of distance. The villagers never came to know much of him but in awe of his native strength, they made a place for him among them. His son, Warrick, bore his image in his coloring and conformation.”

​For those who are reading the books, I hope you are enjoying the characters. Over the years, I’ve grown to love them, even the villains. They wander around in my mind wondering what comes next in the saga. They’re not done yet and neither am I.

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