Introducing a Heroine

One of my major purposes for writing The Dragon’s Bones is to inspire heroism. If a reader becomes impressed with what a character is able to overcome and accomplish, I hope he or she will seek to do likewise.

​Falcon and Marta have three children–Warrick (17), Windle (15), and Reetha (8). Each contributes heroically to the epic story. Each has a unique gift. I hope each will become as dear to you as they are to me.

​Today, let’s talk about Windle. A brilliant girl with a disposition to learn from what is happening around her, she acts impetuously on what she’s learned. In a world favoring more experienced men, she finds a way to have an impact.

​From Wielding the Words, here’s a description of Windle at work. After being kidnapped, she instructs her older brother, Warrick, on how to secure her release.

​“Warrick, do stop, indeed,” said Windle masking the shaking in her voice, and trying to sound adult. “Fist here has quite a problem. If you kill Kaschay, by Waxon law, his family must die. But, if he harms me before he can get to you, you’ll kill Kaschay and Fist’s family will still be killed. They’ve a strange custom in Waxon of holding a warrior’s family hostage to guarantee his loyalty to a rogue such as Kaschay.

“What’re you talking about, Windle,” shouted Warrick in exasperation from the side of his mouth.

“I’m talking about why Fist must release me,” said Windle losing a bit of her adult tone.

“And why would he want to let you go?’

“Because he can’t really use me to make you free Kaschay!”


With careful enunciation, Windle tried again to explain. “Fist cannot kill me or you will kill Kaschay. And if Kaschay dies before returning to Waxon, they will kill his wife and son!”

“Who will?” asked Warrick.

“The Waxon … Oh, be still and don’t let Kaschay get away. Warrick, how can you be so slow-witted?”

“Slow-witted! I came all this way to rescue you!”

Ignoring Warrick’s defensiveness, Windle turned her logic on Fist. “Fist, let me go. Can’t you see? I’m of no use to you now. Warrick has you outmaneuvered. Now, let … me … go,” she demanded while struggling against his grip around her waist.

For some with coming of age daughters or granddaughters, Windle can be a great example.