Cast of Characters

I remember reading Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time fantasy series. Whew! Fourteen volumes, each inches thick and with sooo many characters! It was excruciating to keep track of everybody in spite of his compelling story.

A friend of mine recently told me that he was having trouble with my lengthy cast of characters. He suggested a brief explanatory list at the beginning of each book would be helpful. My Yale Shakespeare tome called this a “Dramatis Personae” listing. I won’t use that fancy title, just Cast of Characters.

I’m modifying the beginning of my books to give such a list. But for those who have already purchased books, here’s a catalog for you. I’ll include a copy in my most recent newsletter as well.

Cast of Characters

Balaach – Evil poisoner employed by Zorasch to interrogate prisoners.

Barnat – Author of a Words of Power book.

Barin – Son of The Smith, best friend and sidekick of Warrick.

Carissa – The Crone who trained Balaach in black arts.

Falcon – Diseased husband of Marta, father of Warrick, Windle, and Reetha.

Farmer Marvan – Owner of messenger pigeons, father of Rance.

Farna – Zorasch in disguise.

Felmack – Whelten warrior from whom Zorasch obtains Words of Power book.

Fist – Dark warrior who protects Kaschay.

Goth – Spy for Zorasch.

Grandin – Original settler of Wheltentown.

Halzan – Captain of Zorasch’s person guard.

Homa – The Server who attends Zorasch.

Jasper – Advisor to Captain Lenter of the Waxon vanguard.

Kaschay – Waxon plenipotentiary and charlatan.

Laten – Wife of Malcom, owner of the Wheltentown tavern.

Loren – Young son of Fist and Miriam.

Lenter – Captain of the Waxon vanguard.

Macknon – Sergeant in the Waxon vanguard.

Malcom – Innkeeper and husband of Laten.

Marta – Falcon’s wife and mother of Warrick, Windle, and Reetha.

Merrich – Waxon horse-riding messenger.

Miriam – Fist’s wife and mother of Loren.

Nathan – Wheltentown baker and Marta’s friend.

Rance – Farmer Marvin’s ox-driving son.

Reetha – Youngest daughter of Falcon and Marta.

Remaza – Captain in Zorasch’s army.

Rodd – Member of Zorasch’s personal guard.

Shadow – Warrick’s faithful horse.

Sternen – The Warder of the Words of Power books.

Talcohn – Author of tribute to Burgundy Wood trees.

The Dragon – Last surviving dragon, killed by Whelt, petrified bones cover the Mountain.

The Smith – Father of Barin, smith of Wheltentown.

Warrick – Oldest son of Falcon and Marta.

Whelt – Heroic grandsire of the Whelten warriors.

Whelten – Author of Words of Power book.

Windle – Oldest daughter of Falcon and Marta.

Zorasch – The evil Conqueror of cities.

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