The Bones Are Taking a Nap

We need to wake up The Dragon’s Bones! They’ve been taking a nap.

From what I’ve been studying, this is typical of new publications. To get things moving again, you can help in the following ways:

  • If you’ve purchased Book One or Book Two but haven’t finished reading them, please let me know what’s up. What can I do to make the story more compelling to you.
  • If you haven’t bought Book Two, you won’t really get to the exciting climax without it. Please make another buy! Let me know and I’ll drop the price for you.
  • If you like the books, please pass along a recommendation to family and friends. A good way to encourage them to join you on the journey is to invite them go to this website at They can request a preview or read blog posts here to see what’s floating your boat.
  • If you’ve finished a book, please write a review in Amazon. I really need that support! I need a dozen more reviews to go to the next step of promoting the books.

Here’s the way to get to the customer review location quickly.

Wielding the Words:

​Battling the Bones:

​Thanks for your help,